Friday, April 6, 2018

Perfect Places

I have been feeling really motivated lately. I mean, I always tend to be more of a positive person, but in these last few weeks I have been feeling extremely good. 2018 has been so amazing, I really feel I am working towards the goals I had set for myself and I believe this really is the ultimate source of happiness. Working on your projects and achieving the milestones you define for yourself really does bring such joy. 
Hope you've had the most amazing of weekends and wish you an equally amazing productive week!

Dress here. Zara jacket. Longchamp bag. Carolina Herrera jewelry.




  1. So glad you have been feeling good lately! That is always the best, when you are so motivated and positive about life. This outfit is stunning. I absolutely adore that dress. The colours and print are perfect for spring!

  2. Beautiful dress. I have also been super productive lately. Which feels super good.


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