Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I felt very sportive today. Being back to classes and spending the entire day sitting in an auditorium demanded chosing jeans!! So in the morning I felt sort of strange but as the day progressed I got used to the comfort of it, and right now I can almost say I got used to the way I look in jeans, so I decided to share it with you :) hope you like it!
Also I have to tell you that this was my first Gucci bag ever! I was much younger when it was given to me and it's been a long time since I last wore it because I didn't feel like it was my style anymore but I really liked wearing it today! Good news right? :)

Senti-me muito desportiva hoje. Voltar às aulas e passar o dia inteiro sentada num auditório exigia a escolha de calças de ganga!! De manhã senti-me um bocadinho estranha mas com o decorrer do dia habituei-me ao conforto delas, e agora posso quase dizer que me habituei ao meu aspecto com elas, por isso decidi partilhar convosco :) espero que gostem!
Tenho também que vos dizer que esta foi a minha primeira mala da Gucci! Era bem mais novinha quando ma ofereceram e já há muito tempo que não a usava porque já não era muito o meu estilo mas gostei muito de a usar hoje! Boas noticias certo? :)

Gucci bag. Purificacion Garcia parka. Zara t-shirt. H&M jeans. Carolina Herrera Ballerinas.



  1. Ciao :)
    wow I'm in love with your parka...simple but elegant!
    I follow you, you can follow my blog if you like it! :)


  2. Simple, but very nice outfit!

  3. I love your style!!! Great jacket!

  4. Leonor, you have a very beautifful clothes! I like your shoose and bag! They are really very nice!
    Follow me please, because i has already follow you)

  5. Great blog!
    I just started to follow you, hope you'll follow me back!
    Stop by, say Hi! ;)

  6. love this look :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  7. Lindo demais essa sapatilha. Na verdade, amei todo o look! ;)

  8. ohhh what a cutie ballerinas :) love them, your style is so elegant xxx

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment! I love your style, that necklace is amazing! If you want we can follow each other!

  10. Really love your jeans and this shoes ! You look fab ! x kiss

  11. You are really beautiful! I love your flats with the CH on them. I also like how you keep this ensemble simple with only two colors: blue and red. I love you blog! Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it!

    Check out my New York Fashion Week pictures!

  12. i love your style!!

    so chic!

  13. Hey Leonor! I really love this outfit! The red accents with the necklace, shoes and bag - very well done! And I love that jacket!!! xxx

  14. Love your outfit! And thanks for your comment!

    I checked your blog and I like it!
    If u want, we can follow each other!
    Hope you will follow me on GFC and bloglovin!


  15. Hey! Thanks for your visit!!:)

    Nice outfit! We love the red touch of the shoes and the necklace, it's perfect!

    xoxo from Spain,

  16. Lovely look and nice flats!!

  17. I am loving this outfit :D I think you look great in jeans, I love wearing them...sooo comfy
    And I tried to comment on your newest post but for some reason the comment form didn't show up....I always carry flats with me too! :D

  18. nice blog!


    please like my page :) :)

  19. You look like a very positive person!!
    like your blog!

  20. Hi,Steph!I saw your comment in my blog!
    Very nice style,girl!
    I'm following you,follow me back if you wish!

  21. amazing = ***


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